New technology services for blind and visually impaired

Cathy Miller admits her life has changed since she lost her eye sight.

"I live a pretty normal life, but there's no doubt about it ... being blind is challenging," said Cathy Miller.

Despite the everyday challenges, Miller is thankful for the abilities she's gained from new resources.

"Those skills include orientation and mobility, Braille and using training with adaptive software," said Miller.

Miller is the chapter president of the National Federation of the Blind. She helped host a free workshop for the blind and visually impaired, which taught people about new special technologies.

"We have a program to help people that are blind and get them equipment to help with communication by telephone or Internet," said Supervisor of Instruction for Affiliated Blind of Louisiana, Scott Crawford.

Some of the new technology includes programs that can scan money and then say out loud how much the amount is.

Also on display, a talking book player and talking clocks.

And while Miller's happy to come together and learn new skills, she said she's still just herself.

"I would like to be treated just like everyone else," said Miller. "I'm not a blind person, I'm a person foremost."

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