Southwest Louisiana in a severe drought

Though Southwest Louisiana has seen worse, we are still in the middle of a severe drought.

Field Supervisor of the Lake Charles Fire Department, Chris Carroll says "It's extremely dry right now. We haven't had rain in a couple of days. Actually, in the last few weeks, we haven't been having rain, and the grass is drying out, the trees are drying out."

In times, of severe drought, homeowners should be especially cautious.

"It can very costly if you're living on the outskirts of town where there is a lot of open fields and a lot of heavy vegetation. Grass fires get away pretty quickly and they travel pretty if you have a home near an open could be a big hazard and a big loss." Says Carroll

When it gets this hot and dry outside, grass fires can quickly become a big problem. Chris Carroll said:

"We average one grassfire a week. It get out of hand in just minutes. Sometimes we have windy days...and if you get a gust of can travel very quick...with dry vegetation and it being it can get away pretty quick."

The best advice that Carroll has to offer in these times of drought is this:

"From the city of Lake Charles Fire Department, we're just asking everyone to be careful. Use common sense, and if you need us, we're here for you, don't hesitate to call us."