Helping students cope with stress

Helping students cope with stress
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Many students deal with stress while in school. From academics, to jobs, or just trying to adapt to a new environment and routine.

Gavin January was on his way to a math test and said, "I'm on my way to a test right now, so I'm a little stressed out myself. I'm a little nervous, this my first actual math test that I'm taking."

Across the country, many schools have programs in place to help students cope with tough times.

Right here at home, SOWELA Technical Community College, student success counselor Tonya Paulette has over 15 years of experience in counseling and psychology and is ready to help students through whatever they may be dealing with.

She said, "My role is to reach out to students and provide counseling services ... to help them whenever they start having academic problems. As well as personal life problems that may affect their academic success."

Many students find on-campus counseling services to be very helpful in coping with stress and anxiety.

Morgan Giggar said, "On campus services are really great if you're really stressing out with a certain issue or problem. Be it family issues ... or mainly school ... but they're willing to help you with anything."

David Hardy agrees, "They give you different coping mechanisms or different strategies and they even offer extended times, so if you have test anxiety and they offer smaller classrooms, things like that."

Besides coping with day to day stress, midterms and finals can add an extra burden. That's why when test time comes around, Paulette wants everyone to know she is always available.

"We have an open door policy ... they can walk in at any time. Whether that's during test times or just during the regular part of the year," she said.

Paulette said no matter where you go to school, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you should look into what services that campus has to offer before the stress affects your health.

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