Remembering Amy Hastings McGee

Remembering Amy Hastings McGee

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The brave fight for a fifth kidney transplant is now over for 37-year-old Amy Hastings McGee, of Sulphur. Amy passed away in a local hospital Tuesday night. We take a look back at this remarkable woman that touched so many lives around her through her faith and positive attitude.

It was in May that Amy Hastings McGee shared with KPLC viewers the encounters she had with death many times and her unwillingness to quit fighting for her fifth lifesaving transplant.

"It doesn't matter where I have to go," she said, "what I have to do, it's my life and no doctor is going to change that."

Four transplants, 25 years of kidney disease and 15 years of dialysis had taken a major toll on Amy's body.

She had been denied candidacy for another transplant, but was in the review process at a Houston hospital for one more chance at a longer life.

"I expect Amy to get a transplant," said her husband, Josh. "I expect her to do things I've never seen her do before."

Amy's husband and the four children they are helping raise since the death of Amy's sister, were faithfully by her side - hoping and praying for a change of fate.

"What scares me is the reality of what can happen whenever your body is no longer ready to be a dialysis patient," she said.

Over the past two weeks, Amy's health took a nose dive, going from bad to worse. The pain from medical complications intensified and her body just could not keep up with her will to keep fighting.

Amy died Tuesday evening and while her passing grieves those that will miss her positive spirit and unwavering faith - Amy's own words will undoubtedly live on after her passing.

"When I look at my kids and my husband and all the great things God has for me out there, I know that he's not finished with me yet," she said.

Amy made the decision when she was still alive to donate her body to the LSU School of Medicine. Her hope is to help researchers learn more about renal disease and save lives.

A memorial service for Amy is set for Saturday, Sept. 21 at First Baptist Church in Moss Bluff. The family will begin greeting guests at noon and the service will start at 3 p.m.

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