SWLA emergency responders say drivers need to get over

Good Thursday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here in the KPLC 7Newsroom with a look at some of today's top headlines:

*When it comes to serious crashes, medical conditions and crime in progress, time is precious for first responders.  This morning, KPLC's Lee Peck reports that call outs can be very difficult for these responders because many drivers are not getting out of their way.

*Pages of resignation letters are on the agenda at the latest Calcasieu Parish School Board meeting.  Nearly 70 resignations are listed, along with the reason for leaving.  We'll tell you what has these teachers leaving education.

*I'll have a special Healthcast this morning, remembering Amy Hastings McGee.  The 37-year-old from Sulphur was waiting for her fifth life-saving transplant when she passed away in a local hospital Tuesday night.  Find out how Amy decided to use the disease that affected her to help researchers find a cure.

*A grand jury has formally indicted Robert Barthelemy, the Natchitoches police officer accused of kidnapping and murdering Tony Procell.

*First, Russia tried to lobby lawmakers in Washington to keep the U.S. from approving military strikes in Syria.  Now, Russia's leader is appealing to the American people.

Make it a Sunrise day!