No change for dog ordinance in Beauregard Parish

RAGLEY, LA (KPLC) - An update on a story in Ragley, where complaints from neighbors and animal rescue groups caught the attention of local authorities and our cameras.

Neighbors alleged the home was operating a puppy mill, but the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office said it was just some animal lovers that took on too much.

The situation even had the Beauregard Parish Police Jury looking into changing its dog ordinance.

"The Sheriff's Office has reported that the dogs are in better condition now than what they were. So, tonight at our Police Jury meeting, my committee is going to recommend that we don't do anything with our dog ordinance because we are going to continue monitoring this dog situation on Magnolia Church Road," said Teddy Welch, Beauregard Parish Police Juror.

The full parish Police Jury agreed no change to the ordinance was necessary at this time. Meanwhile, at least 26 dogs have been surrendered by the homeowners to rescuers.

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