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Cigarette thief sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison

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Ricky Blair sentenced Ricky Blair sentenced

The damage to a storefront is repaired but the damage Ricky Blair did to himself and his family remains.

On June 16, 2013 Ricky Blair drove a stolen truck through the front doors of the Convenient Food Mart on State Road in Cleveland. He on a mission to steal cigarettes. Cops say Blair checked the cash register to take money but was unable to open it.

Shortly after the crash, someone came along to check on Blair but the two get into a fight.

It would become apparent that Blair was addicted to more than just cigarettes.

But according to Blair, he doesn't even remember the crash and he's been in and out of prison a half-dozen times.

In fact the cigarette robbery happened when he was on bond for another theft.

"I could of hurt somebody, even killed somebody that night," said Ricky Blair. 

Judge Brendan Sheehan wasn't much for excuses..."You're lucky no one was in there, you're lucky no one got hurt."

Some were hurt though. Blair's father talked about the pain. He says Blair witnessed his brothers murder years ago, and it traumatized him.

"It's been like this every year on Fathers Day that my son got killed. He goes, visits the grave and gets in trouble," said Clarence Blair.

He's in 8 1/2 years of trouble this time.  As he was led away he said 'I can't do this' and more.

Given his long record Ricky Blair had to know that if he was caught he was going to prison.  With all those cigarettes to barter in prison maybe he was just planning ahead.  

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