2013 hurricane season could be a record-breaking one

The 2013 hurricane season has been pretty quiet so far. The upcoming week is typically the peak portion of the season for the Atlantic. So far, we have seen nine storms develop. The interesting part of that is we haven't been able to develop one hurricane.

The average first hurricane date is Aug. 8. Ever since then, we have been coming closer and closer to the official record for the "latest, first hurricane of the season."

The current storm on record for this is Hurricane Gustav, back on Sept. 11, 2002. This storm developed into a hurricane that morning and became a Category 2 storm for the Carolinas.

I should point out that this is NOT the same Gustav as the one that moved across portions of Louisiana in 2008. That system brought flooding rains to central and eastern portions of Louisiana and quite a few tornadoes to SWLA.

We will be watching and waiting over the next three days to see if we do indeed break the record, or will we see a hurricane develop just in time.

Meanwhile, the tropical picture in Gulf of Mexico is quiet for now. We will be monitoring things to our south over the next few weeks to make sure that remains the case!

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