McNeese fans celebrate long before kickoff

Mcneese fans celebrate long before kickoff

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Long before the roars in the stadium, the celebration as we know it in Southwest Louisiana begins early in the day.

Tailgating with the best of the blue and gold faithful, the celebration starts on Cowboy Dr.

McNeese fans set up their tents and prepared to have fun.

"Tailgating is a commodity, meeting different friends and then of course the food," said Bobby Gillard.

Under the tents are food, drinks and friends.

But it's not just a party in the parking lot, it's a culture.

And it's easy to tell, these fans will bring the same excitement inside the stadium that they bring outside.

"Who are we playing again," said Gillard. "Doesn't matter, we're going to win!"

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