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Man accused of murdering wife, stepdaughter found guilty

Mauricio Cumbrera (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office) Mauricio Cumbrera (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)

Mauricio Cumbrera has been found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder in the September 2011 deaths of Anna Trahan Cumbrera and Julia Landry.

Cumbrera was sentenced by Judge Michael Canaday to serve two sentences of life in prison at hard labor without benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence in the Department of Corrections. The sentences will run consecutively.

When polled, it was learned that jurors voted 10-to-2 in favor of the guilty verdict regarding the charges involving Anna Cumbrera's death, and they were unanimously in favor of the guilty verdict regarding the charges involving Landry's death.

On Thursday, the courtroom heard from those who lived near the mobile home where Anna Cumbrera and Julia Landry were killed. The jury also listened to five recorded 911 calls from the incident.

On Friday, the Calcasieu Parish Coroner, Dr. Terry Welke, gave testimony, saying that Anna Cumbrera had lived for a short while after being shot twice at close range: once in the chest and once in the neck. Welke also said that Julia Landry was shot three times, with two of those being fatal.

According to Welke, Landry appeared to have staggered outside after being shot, collapsing in the driveway. The scrapes on her body could have been caused by car driving over her, he said.

Anna Cumbrera's body was found on kitchen floor. Julia Landry's body was found in the driveway.

The defense called one witness to the stand, a woman who rented a trailer to Mauricio Cumbrera. The defense questioned her about traffic coming and going from the trailer.

The prosecutor argued for a charge of second-degree murder, while defense attorneys argued for a charge of manslaughter.

"His anger was over the fact that they wanted him out of the house, and that they wouldn't allow some grandchildren to come over. That's not provocation for manslaughter. This wasn't done in heat of passion. This is just an angry man who'd apparently been angry many times before and then took the extra step this time of retrieving a firearm, a gun,  and going back in the house and brutally killing two women. It was never a manslaughter case. It was always second degree murder. In fact he's lucky that it wasn't first degree murder," said Assistant District Attorney Rick Bryant, who prosecuted the case for the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney's Office.

"It very much was in the heat of passion and in the moment, because he didn't go for the gun until he'd been confronted with a machete and told that he was being kicked out of the house. All of my dealings with him have been very calm and cordial. He's never been anything but remorseful," said Defense Attorney King Alexander.

"We had a very strong case and we thought we'd attain two convictions, but as usual, it's terrible to be in this situation to lose a mother and daughter senselessly in a very stupid act of rage by the defendant. I wish we weren't here but at least we gave the family a little bit of comfort I hope from the justice that they got today," Bryant said.

Jessica Landry, the daughter of Anna Trahan Cumbrera and sister of Julia Landry, said, "I'm glad that my mother and sister finally got justice. It's not going to put my heart at ease because it will never go away. The pain never goes away... My kids are always going to wonder where my mother and my sister are. He took my best friend from me. Her mama, her best friend. That was our lives."

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