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Davis, Saltzman case before 3rd Circuit Court


Was it fair when Robyn Davis and Carol "Sissy" Saltzman were convicted of murdering Brian Davis, Robyn Davis' husband, in May of last year?

The defendants say "no" and appealed their convictions to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal where attorneys made oral arguments on Wednesday morning.

Defense attorneys went before the court to argue why Robyn Davis and Sissy Saltzman are not guilty and should be free – or at least, given a new trial in the murder of Brian Davis.

They say it's not fair the trial was stopped when the prosecutor became ill and allowed to start over five months later. And they argue the evidence is woefully inadequate. Shane Hinch represents Saltzman.

"There is zero evidence that would allow anyone, any rational person to  view everything and believe that these women committed the crime. In particular, that Carol Saltzman would have had any reason, any motive or been complicit, aided or abetted or in any way wanted Brian Davis dead," Hinch said.

Comments and questions from the judges suggest they may agree with the defense on some key issues including the adequacy of the evidence to convict such as cell phone tower data. Glen Vamvoras represents Robyn Davis.

"I was encouraged by the questions asked and I think that if the briefs are read and studied, we're going to get the relief that we seek and so far, I feel very good about the posture we're in at this point," Vamvoras said.

Yet, the state has always argued that the puzzle must be viewed as a whole, not piece-by-piece. Assistant District Attorney Carla Sigler argued for the state.

"We don't want murderers going free simply because there's not eyewitness testimony or video tape of somebody committing a murder. The law allows for conviction based on circumstantial evidence when all reasonable hypotheses of innocence have been excluded, and that is exactly what the state did at this trial," Sigler said.

Scott Davis, brother of the victim, came from out of state to hear the arguments.

"I've said it before until the day that I die, these two are responsible for the murder of my brother. The evidence that was presented before trial, during trial and  even discoveries after the convictions have more than solidified my feelings that these two are guilty of murdering my brother," Scott Davis said.

Meanwhile, Robyn Davis and Saltzman are serving life sentences in prison as they await a decision from the appeal court.

It's expected to take several months before there is a decision from the three-judge panel.

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