Welsh horse law deferred

Welsh horse law deferred

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - The town council of Welsh introduced a horse law in August that would make it unlawful to ride, walk or place horses in certain public areas without a permit.

Council members held a public hearing on Tuesday that would put some guidelines and penalties in place to control problems people are having with horses in town.

"Sunday morning, when I got ready to go mass at 8:30, there was a couple things in the driveway. I didn't know what it was but I walked over to look, it was horse manure," said Paul Matthews.

"But the rider has to have common sense. If there's somebody on the sidewalk, get the horse off the sidewalk and across the road," said Marshall Jackson.

The ordinance would make it illegal to ride horses and similar animals in public areas of town, without first getting a permit.

But one organization present Tuesday made a big impact on council members.

Jacquelinatta Bouley from The Young Riders said, "They're a group of kids that ride horses, learning to be respectful and responsible."

She said the organization keeps young kids and teens out of trouble, instead, giving them a healthy activity to be proud of.

The Young Riders say they shouldn't be punished for the wrongs of a few. They're upset that this law, if passed as is, would force them to find a new place to ride outside of town.

"We hope they meet with us see that it's a bunch of kids that wanna do the right things in life, besides go to church, go to school and play sports," said Bouley. She continued, "There's other things outside the four walls of school and what your parents make you do all the time. This is something they willing to do on their own."

Following the public hearing, council members agreed to defer the ordinance.

"We don't want to exclude things that may be helping the children but we wanna polish it up to where those people being affected with horses on their property can be taken care of," said Welsh Mayor Carolyn Louviere.

The council will take up the issue again at their Oct. 1 meeting.

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