Has technology replaced cursive handwriting?

Is technology replacing handwriting?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Do you remember that fancy writing you learned in elementary?

Well, now we're in the generation of digital.

And it has people wondering: Has the rise of technology replaced cursive handwriting?

Learning cursive used to be a big goal in school, but lately it seems the relevance of handwriting lacks importance.

"I don't think I write in cursive at all," said Chloe Keller.

A recent article on CNN suggests technology is to blame.

And with the recent Common Core education standards, each state can now determine if teaching cursive is essential.

"I think cursive should still be taught in school," said Casey Landry.

Students even say, although the use of cursive is limited, handwriting is still important.

"Many of the professors do still use it with writing on the board and things like that," said Keller.

But most say the convenience of technology is just too good to pass up.

"Everyone has cell phones, laptops and computers," said Trent Lavergne. "I don't know, it might be a little easier to type a letter than writing it."

"Typing seems more formal and professional, but I don't think cursive should be so put to the side as it is," said Keller.

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