Fly tyer creates realistic bait for fishermen

Fly tyer creates realistic bait for fishermen

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Fly fishing is a growing industry in Southwest Louisiana, but relaxing by the river is not the only thing about the sport.

What about the people who create the bait before it hits the water?

Fred Hannie is among the best when it comes to tying flies.

"I think it's from all the years of carving dentures and carving with my hands every day," said Hannie.

And Hannie's flies will make you do a double take

"There's never been one made like this before," said Hannie. "It's usually just a little popper that's a cone and it's painted like a frog, but this one is actually shaped like a frog."

Hannie's flies imitate many of the species that fish like.

And the realistic fly tyer is now getting national recognition. The "Fly Tyer" magazine this month features Hannie's frogs.

"I had no clue," said Hannie. "The editor contacted me about my frogs and wanted me to do an article and I didn't know we made the cover until it was published."

Now, fly fishermen across the country want to fish and collect the amphibian replicas.

"For the frogs, it has been non-stop orders," said Hannie. "If I keep tying every day then I'll finish my frog orders next summer."

What started as a love for fly fishing is now a growing business.

Hannie also makes realistic crawfish, bees and anything else that goes in or near water.

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