BECi officials say they are working to correct billing issue

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Some Beauregard Electric customers say their latest bills are abnormally high.

BECi spokeswoman Kay Fox said the company is working with its members to correct an issue that affected approximately 4,500 meters, causing those customers' high bills.

Fox said the error ultimately affected electric kWh usage with members on 16 routes in its service territory.

Fox released the following statement on Friday:

"Olameter Corporation confirms that, as a result of a number of factors, some beyond its control, a former employee who was a meter reader in Beauregard was able to improperly input estimated meter readings into the system, based on past usage, without actually reading the meters in question. As soon as Olameter Corporation determined that this misconduct had occurred, the employee's employment was immediately terminated. Olameter Corporation apologizes to the affected members for this employee's conduct. Steps have been taken to seek to ensure that such misconduct does not occur in the future."

We work for our members. We want to assure you that BECi will work with those affected by this misconduct. If you have questions, please call 1-800-367-0275 to speak to a member service representative. We asked that you read your meter before you call so that we may provide additional details on the account. BECi sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience."

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