South Louisiana rice crop looks good

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Because of a harsh winter, South Louisiana's rice crop looked to be in trouble this year. Rice farmers like Mark Stelly know this all too well.

"At the beginning of the year, the winter was really hard on us. It was really cold and that really stalled the first planted rice," Stelly said.

Stelly said as the rice harvest winds down, South Louisiana's cash crop is making a strong comeback.

"It's turning around and yielding well. This rice that we're harvesting today should've been cut probably 10 days ago had the weather not affected it at the beginning," Stelly said.

A strong yield for the crop is great news for the nation's third largest rice producer because of the economic impact on the region and the different jobs involved in harvesting the rice.

"The rice is trucked three different times before it gets to where it's going ... before it's put on a vessel. So, you have a lot of freight, a lot of milling, and a lot of people who work in the port so it really affects our economy in a great way," Stelly said.

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