House Raffle

Good afternoon.  This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC Newsroom.  Here are some of the stories we're working on for 7News Live at Five and 7News At Six... Trouble just seems to keep mounting for a local church.  First their pastor was put in jail.  And now the church is on the line about raffle tickets it sold for a house giveaway that's not going to happen.  Will the people who bought those raffle tickets get their money back?

And Lake Charles Police are working an attempted theft of the CVS Pharmacy on Ryan Street.  The culprits were attempting to make off with the ATM...  The front doors of the store had been removed and they had the ATM all chained up and ready to pull off with their pickup truck.  Only one problem!  They left the pickup truck in front of the store, with the ATM tied to the bumper.  Where did the would be thieves go?

And it's been almost 8 years since Hurricane Rita, and the Houston River is still scattered with debris from trees that were destroyed during the storm.  We'll take you on a cleanup along the river in Sulphur.  Join us for these stories, and Wade Hampton's hot forecast tonight on KPLC.