Contract awarded for FEED work at Trunkline LNG import terminal in Lake Charles

A contract has been awarded for front-end engineering-and-design (FEED) work at Trunkline LNG Export LLC to Paris-based Technip, according to a news release from the company.

The contract, the release states, is for the "potential expansion of the existing liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal located in Lake Charles."

Officials said Technip's operating center in Houston, Texas will execute the contract "with the support from the group's center in Paris, France."

If approved, the work is scheduled to be complete in 2014.

"The potential expansion project includes a LNG liquefaction plant, with a total export capacity of up to approximately 15 million tonnes per annum, so that a portion of the vast additional supplies of natural gas produced from shale gas fields across the US can be exported to international markets. The total liquefaction capacity could be achieved through up to three identical trains, with associated utilities and offsite facilities as well as the re-use of the existing LNG offloading, storage and marine facilities. Air Products has been selected to supply its C3MR liquefaction process technology for this FEED study," the release states.

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