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7 On Your Side: Claim denied

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You buy insurance to cover when you suffer a loss. But what if it doesn't pay? And what if it's because of how the burglar got into your house?

On July 10, there was a burglary where Bobby Kennerson lives on Saint Mary Drive in Lake Charles. He estimates his loss at between $3,000 and $4,000.

"I lost my keyboard. I lost my computer and I also lost my TV, and I also lost a little Blue-Ray player. But the point is, I lost it and I thought I was covered and I'm not covered," said Kennerson.
Kennerson showed us a letter from his insurer, Union National, explaining they won't cover a loss unless there is a sign of forced entry. Kennerson said the burglars entered by pushing in a window air-conditioning unit.

"They sent me a letter back saying they deny my claim because there was no forced entry and I said, with an air conditioner pushed inside, how can there not be forced entry? And they said due to the policy, it's like I had an open window. I think it's not fair," said Kennerson.

Not everybody can afford central air and heat. He wants others to be aware.

"You got a window unit, you're not covered," said Kennerson.

However, that's not necessarily true. A well-known local agent said he's never heard of such a denial and that the policy must have a specific exclusion to deny a claim on that basis.

Kennerson feels there's not much he can do at this point. 

"I just have to take my loss and go ahead on. I just want people to know to be careful, read your policy and be sure you know what you're getting," he said.

We contacted Union Insurance located in Lake Charles on McNeese Street. They referred us to their corporate office in St. Louis, Missouri. We have not yet received a response.

We also contacted the State Department of Insurance. They suggest Kennerson file a formal complaint.

State insurance officials say they don't comment on specific cases, but provide information on how to file a complaint on their website.

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