Sulphur boy receives package from White House

Sulphur boy receives letter from White House

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Five-year-old Garrett Himel dreams of living in the White House one day. And he even has support from the President himself.

The friendly hello came right from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after Himel was having behavior problems at school. So, Himel's grandfather made a deal he couldn't refuse.

"I told him if you get great marks for the whole month of January, then Papa is going to write a letter to President Obama to tell him what a good grandson I have," said Ray Himel.

The 5-year-old then had two months of good behavior, which means a deal is a deal.

But his family wasn't expecting a reply. Himel's letter was sent around the same time a ricen-laced letter was sent to the White House a few months back.

So, it was a surprise when the special delivery arrived.

A picture of the first dog, Bo Obama, was in the package, along with a map of the White House and a letter signed from the President.

President Obama wrote, "If you dare to be bold and creative, to love and be loved, to work hard every day, and to serve your community, I am confident you will achieve your dreams."

And Pat Himel said his grandson is now one step closer to his White House dream.

"This is the letter from Mr. Obama telling you to be a good boy and then maybe one day you could be President," said Pat Himel.

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