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Senior women's basketball team takes silver


The sounds coming from the LSU Shreveport basketball court hold life's most memorable moments for a group of Ark-La-Tex women. They are called the Hoopaholics. Basketball is their addiction.

They make up two teams; a 55-years-old and over, and a 60-years-old and over group. Their most recent success was a silver and bronze medal at the 2013 Senior Olympic Games.

"It's really an organization and a competition I wasn't aware of until they called me about playing on the team," said Lin Gamble, who is a member of the 60 and older team. "Having playing played basketball most all of my life it seemed like a natural thing to come back and play again. I was just a little hesitant because you can't do the same things that you used to do on the basketball court."

Gamble went from her small town farm to the courts of Ouachita Baptist University where she was a pioneer in women's basketball.

"OBU was one of the closest college that I could go to that really played a competitive game."

Her skills allowed her to play in the Pan American games where she traveled across South and Central America representing the United States.

"We were hoping to qualify for the olympics in '72. That didn't happen. The 1972 Olympics didn't include women's basketball."

In 2001 Lin was inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

She is not the only member of the squad to set a precedent in women's basketball. Mary Nell Hawley helped defind Louisiana Tech as a dominate powerhouse in basketball. 

Today, it's a far cry from three on three basketball in the senior olympics.

"You really can't compare the two," said Hawley. "Not every player is collegiate level competition but every body's got their heart out there and sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

Now these women wear their pride across their chests and play for nothing more then the feeling of a game they love.

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