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East Texas woman gives birth at loan store

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A Jacksonville woman working at a loan store ended up delivering much more than loans.

She went in to labor and delivered her baby at work. It happened Thursday just before 4 p.m. at Thrifty Loans in Jacksonville. Customers at the loan store got a lot more than they bargained for.

“Customers said they heard her hollering' so they went back there and by the time her husband got there, he delivered the baby,” says Stacey Carter, manager of Factory Connection located next door to Thrifty Loans.

Carter is also a new mother and said she cannot imagine giving birth at work. 

“There was no way I would do it, there ain’t no way I’d be able to do it,” she added.

The baby was already out by the time Jacksonville Fire Department arrived. Fire Chief Paul White recalled the phone call, “it looks like the baby is coming right now and before we got there she said the baby’s coming breach, which means feet first.”

According to officials, her husband rushed to her work place the moment he got the call that his wife had gone into labor. He was one of the first people there and helped her throughout the delivery. They also tell KLTV that he was quite calm. Both mother and baby were then transported to East Texas Medical Center Jacksonville.

Chief White said the loan store baby appeared to be okay and was welcomed by a crowd that had formed outside.

“When we brought the baby out, the fireman carried the baby out, the people cheered when they saw the baby,” he said.

The mother was brought out a few minutes later and according to officials she seemed healthy, too. Though attempts were made to contact the owner of the loan store and ETMC, no information was given regarding how the mother and baby are doing at this time.

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