Online education a growing trend

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Online education programs are a growing trend. What was once only an option for those in higher education, online courses have become available to high school students as well.

The Lake Charles Boston Academy is one institution that offers online courses for high school students who wish to take college prep courses or who wish to take their traditional high school requirements online.

"One of the main advantages is we have got four certified master degree teachers in the core areas. They can work with the students online or if the student is having trouble ... they can come in and everyone of these teachers will work one on one with them until they get it," said Dr. Otto Strassberg, the Coordinator of Distance Learning.

Some students enjoy the flexible schedule that the online courses offer. Alaina Richard, a student who has taken three online courses, said, "I chose to take online classes because I'm involved on campus ... I have a job and sometimes you just really don't want to go to class. You don't want to wake up and it's a lot easier to do it when you get home at night, or in your free time, on your lunch break."

The number of students enrolled in online education classes has grown significantly in recent years. It's up over 40 percent since 2008, and is expected to grow. Louisiana is one of 30 states across the country that offers full-time virtual schools for students.

Students should never opt for online classes thinking that it will be easier than traditional in-classroom education programs.

"We had a few students who thought this was an easy way to go and it's not. The courses are just as difficult and for many students they're more difficult because the student has to be disciplined and be motivated because they off on their own a lot more ... so if they don't have the family support and the motivation, they're not going to do well in this," said Strassberg.

Even though technology is changing the traditional educational landscape, neither students or school officials feel classrooms will be going away anytime soon.

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