Company responds to resident's septic tank system concerns

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - After Friday's story on local resident, Jude Francis, voicing concerns about his septic tank system, many people voiced similar concerns on KPLC's Facebook page.

KPLC's Erica Bivens spoke with the vice president of Murphy Cormier. And although he said he understands residents' concerns, he believes it's an issue of educating the public.

Jude Francis needs a new aerator for his septic tank system. And like most people, he wants the best price.

"It's really important that everyone has a working system and I have no disagreements with that, but we have to make it affordable, too," Francis said.

But Wes Crain, Director of Planning and Development for the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, said state law requires residents to buy directly from the manufacturer.

"When they submit their systems to the testing agency and test those, that is what the state approves and that's what has to be maintained for the life of that system," said Crain.

Crain said there is discussion on changing that law, but Murphy Cormier, the manufacturer of the Hoot System, said the law is a good one.

They issued a statement to KPLC on Tuesday: "Even if we wanted to change the make and model aerator we sell for any reason, including cost, we could not unless we submitted it for further evaluation and testing."

Murphy Cormier maintains it's an issue of educating the public. The statement goes on to say, "Mr. Francis's situation is a great example of why the law is in effect. Very often, aerators will look similar on the outside but interiors are different and contribute to the actual performance."

State law also requires residents who fail their inspection to get their system fixed within 15 days. However, if the manufacturer does not have a particular part, Calcasieu Parish officials say it's up to the resident to contact the parish inspector and ask for an extension.

In the meantime, Francis disagrees with the law and is now reaching out to lawmakers for help.

"Maybe we can revisit the law possibly, maybe tweak it so all citizens can have a working system without having a huge expense," he said.

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