Calcasieu schools start new year with new ID system

Calcasieu schools create new ID system
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - ID badges for middle school and high school students is nothing new, but now a new ID system is going to make Calcasieu Parish schools even safer than before.

While students relaxed all summer, the Calcasieu Parish School Board was hard at work to create a more efficient ID system across the parish.

"Before, everyone had their own system and now we're trying to consolidate that and make it one system," said Jim Crawford, Board Director of Management Information Services.

All students will take an updated picture in the next couple of weeks that will then go into a universal system with their information and photo.

"If someone needs a picture of a student, then it's very easy to go into the network system and pull that picture in," said Crawford.

One ID network versus multiple will not only save the school board money, but school board officials said it will also keep the students safer.

Now, any school in the parish has access to any student at any school.

Safety is the number one concern for our schools and now students have a new photo of each student that is going to be available on our new network that will help if say we have a missing child," said Risk Manager, Skyler Giardina.

School board officials are also working on a new visitor network that will take extra measures in screening guests.

"In the near future, the swipe of an ID will help us perform a background check to see if they appear in any criminal data bases," said Giardina.

Badges with pictures will only be printed for approved visitors, and if not approved, the person will be asked to leave.

"The ID badges and the new network are one of the many measures we take to protect our students and our employees," said Giardina.

School board officials said the new visitor system should be completed after December.

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