Southland Executive Airport plans to expand

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - What was once known as Southland Field is now Southland Executive Airport.

And a silver anniversary celebration on Saturday looked at both its history and changes to come.

"This part is about to have a boom period and a lot of executives and businesses will be coming in, so why can't they use our facility?," said Board Member R.K. Levens.

The celebration was held at the airport south of Sulphur. A push for corporate jets was accompanied by celebratory activities, shows and food.

"We have the cheapest gas on the Gulf Coast," said Levens. "We have no landing fee and a courtesy car to go to town."

While small planes are common, Southland officials said this hidden gem facility is ready for a new direction.

"We have so many industries coming here that it's a perfect time for the novice, smaller planes and the big, corporate jets," said CITGO Lake Charles Government and Public Affairs Manager, Dana Keel.

And airport regulars said they'd like to see development, too.

"We enjoy coming out here and like all small airports we want to see them grow," said skydiver Chris Wade.

With National Aviation Day right around the corner, it's a great time to let the community know Southland is expanding.

"We can evolve this and make it a super commercial endeavor," said Levens.

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