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Golden Nugget owner, Tilman Fertitta, visits Lake Charles

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The owner of the Golden Nugget and Landry's signature restaurants, Tilman Fertitta, was in Lake Charles on Friday. He attended the annual Legis-gator lunch at L'Auberge right next door to the Golden Nugget now under construction.

The Legis-gator lunch, sponsored by the Chamber Southwest Louisiana, grows each year -- and this year, many of the honored guests were anxious to welcome Fertitta to the community.

"I mean, we're really excited about coming to Lake Charles, being so close to Texas and having so many roots in Louisiana myself, to be able to put a Golden Nugget right here and be part of this great complex. I think we're going to create one of the great destinations in the South and this part of the country for the Golden Nugget and the L'Auberge," said Fertitta in an interview with KPLC

And for anyone who is skeptical, given the history of the property, Fertitta said, "I can promise you there'll be a Golden Nugget here  in about 14 months. I have a $50 million deposit up and it will be built and finished. It's going to be an unbelievable property that I think everybody in this community is going to really be proud of."

Fertitta is the president, CEO and primary shareholder of Landry's restaurants. He said the operation next to L'Auberge will attract more people and grow the market.

"We're going to have an unbelievable pool. We're going to have an unbelievable lobby, retail. We're going to have numerous restaurants that people recognize from Louisiana and Texas and around the country and I think people are going to be shocked at what an unbelievable, nice property this is.  Anthony, the CEO of Pinnacle, and I are very close,  and we're going to be fierce competitors," said Fertitta.

Fertitta also owns such tourist attractions as the Kemah Boardwalk and Pleasure Pier in Galveston. Will we see such development here?

"That's not going to happen in phase one," said Fertitta. "But Anthony and myself are looking at other tracts of land that we have here and what we can do to make this even more of an all around entertainment destination."

And Tilman Fertitta said Lake Area residents can look forward to many of the signature restaurants he's so well known for.

Tilman Fertitta is #882 on Forbes list of billionaires, and has been called by Forbes the world's richest restaurateur. To hear the rest of our interview with Fertitta look for the web extra on

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