New fire engine for Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Lake Charles Fire Department welcomed a new addition to their fleet on Thursday.

Including all equipment, the custom-built fire engine totals $560,000. The new truck is replacing the oldest engine in the fleet.

Lake Charles Fire Chief Keith Murray said they typically replace trucks every two to three years. And when they do, the older engine becomes a reserve.

"When you pick up a reserve truck, it doesn't mean that it's in bad shape. It may not be as pretty as a frontline truck but it is absolutely as capable," said Murray.

Murray said all their trucks, including reserves, are certified and therefore usable. All trucks also have the same inventory.

The new trucks have slight changes, too. The back of the new engines are painted red and yellow, rather than silver. They also include blue flashing lights, in addition to the red ones.

The new Ferrara fire truck will be housed at Station 7 at 2020 Tybee Lane.

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