Restoration underway at the Booker T. Washington housing complex

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Earlier this year, 72 of the 92 housing units in the Booker T. Washington housing complex in Lake Charles were torn down with the promise of building something better. The goal was to create safe and affordable housing.

Now, thanks to a federal grant of $322,000, the construction will continue.

Project supervisor, Peter Bruchnke, said they are 60 percent finished and construction is expected to be complete no later than mid-late December.

Neighborhood residents welcome the new development. Christopher Davis, who lives across from the new complex, hopes his elderly mother is able to secure a unit in the new complex.

It's more than just creating safe and affordable housing for those who need it. It's also about restoring one of Lake Charles' oldest neighborhoods.

The Booker T. Washington housing complex was the city's first housing complex and was built in the 1940s. Its age started to show when several units were badly damaged by recent hurricanes.

Davis said he doesn't think flooding or leaking will be a problem in the new units as it was in the old complex during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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