Louisiana Traveler - Strand Theatre

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Since it was purchased by the City of Jennings in 1993, the Strand Theatre has seen new life. Colin Fake and John Louviere know a lot about this historic building downtown. Built in 1939, the Strand was where Jeff Davis Parish residents saw "Gone With the Wind" and other Hollywood classics. That may be why so many support the theatre.

"It was a community gathering place," said Fake. "I get people who have been around here for a while tell me, "well, I haven't been around here in a while. I told them, you need to come back.  They used to come here as kids on Saturday afternoon for the westerns and all of that."

In the lobby is an original ticket stand and on the wall, a poster from the 1993 movie, "Passion Fish." If you remember, it was actually filmed in Jeff Davis Parish and premiered at the Strand in 1993.

"You see the picture on the wall over there?  It had a Hollywood premiere," recalled Fake. "Search lights and the whole bit, you know. It was very interesting. Had a lot of people come to it, including a lot of the cast and the director."

The Strand plays host to plays, movies and musicals year round. Louviere says it's a SWLA treasure.

"Today with buildings being torn down and being discarded or made into parking lots and stuff like that, we didn't want that happening to the Strand, because that was part of our lives," said John Louviere, who grew up in Jennings. "As young people and older people. For our kids, raising them, that was a great thing to have. It was just something that Jennings had to have."

The Strand's rich heritage will continue, especially with its new monthly movie schedule. For more information, go to http://www.jenningsstrand.com

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