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Recovering unclaimed money

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Over the weekend, the Louisiana Treasury Department gave back $101,473 of unclaimed money to Southwest Louisiana residents.

The stop at the Prien Lake Mall in Lake Charles was a part of Treasurer John Kennedy's unclaimed money statewide tour.

"We get in old bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, utility deposits, security deposits, apartment deposits lots of uncashed payroll checks," said Kennedy. "When a business has your money, it can't just keep it. If the money is not owed to the business, it has to turn it over to me."

State law says that a business, person or organization has three years before money not owed to them has to be turned over to the state.

Lake Charles residents were glad their time had come. 

"I came down here; it was very easy. I waited about two minutes and they called for me to go to the table ... I went to the table and another two minutes, I found out I had money out there!" said Jill Trahin. 

Another man, Howard Henry, of Lake Charles, didn't want to disclose how much he walked away with, but says he's pleased with his outcome. 

"I really need it right now. I'm kind of down on my health. I'm kind of sickly. It's going to do me just fine. It'll help me pay off some of my medical bills," he said.

You don't have to wait for the special mall events to recover your unclaimed money. Thanks to advanced technology and the use of the Internet, you can request and claim your unclaimed money at the click of a button on the state treasury website. 

"I took all of the names, I put them in a database. We put them on our website. We put in a search engine. You can go to - it's free - and put in as many names as you want to and see if they have unclaimed property," said Kennedy. 

Kennedy said the state currently has about $5,000,000 in unclaimed money waiting to be recovered. 

To visit the State Treasury's website, click here

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