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Former Aeroframe employees express concern over not being paid


There is fallout from the news that Aeroframe is out at Chennault and Illinois-based AAR is in. But the fallout isn't about the takeover, it's about the way it's affecting employees. 

Until Friday, Gerald Rather was an employee at Aeroframe for 12 years. A seasoned employee, Rather said he knew change was coming. 

"There were companies coming in and we knew that things were going to change. Either somebody was going to buy the company out or there would be a merger," Rather said. 

He never knew it would come so quickly or unexpectedly. 

"All of a sudden, Friday, we're all without a job," Rather said. "The last two weeks pay that we had we had - didn't get anything - anything anybody had in the books is all gone."

At 3 p.m. Friday, all employees got an e-mail from Aeroframe CEO Roger Porter saying, in part, "I have asked Herbert Curtis to stop operations as of 4:00pm today ... unfortunately we do not have the resources to continue our current operation ... AAR will start the process of rehiring employees next week."

"If you talk to the majority of people out there, they're welcoming the change," said Rather. "They're glad AAR is coming in here. I don't think there's a problem with them at all ... it's with Aeroframe."

KPLC's calls and e-mails to Roger Porter have not been returned. We do know the re-hiring process with AAR will begin on Tuesday.

"I'll be there... we have to," Rather said. "Today's economy you can't just sit and not get a paycheck coming in, that's tough."

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