Teens post 'thigh gap' photos

Girls are posting their 'thigh gaps' on social media websites. (Source: KPRC/CNN)
Girls are posting their 'thigh gaps' on social media websites. (Source: KPRC/CNN)

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Allen Parish is one step closer to getting a new jail. We'll tell you what happens next now that the State Fire Marshal's Office has approved the plans for a 180-bed, $8.5 million jail.

Also today, imagine biking three miles a day – rain or shine. Now imagine doing it at 90 years old.  That's what one southern Illinois man does every day!

Plus, many of us enjoy spending time in the pool, but are you aware of some very clear dangers? Find out how changing your pool drains might just save a life.

Something else that may be threatening young people – a new obsession that brings body image into question. Teens are posting pictures of thighs that do not touch while standing – the so-called "thigh gap." You can check out the story HERE.

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