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Cuts to food stamp program may have ripple effects

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Abraham's Tent in Lake Charles is one of the only area feeding shelters that works on a "no-questions-asked" basis and is, for the most part, independently run.    

"We're non-profit. We're not government funded," explained Executive Director, Pearl Cole. "We're dependent on our community for our donations."

Just this summer, Cole has noticed an increase in families visiting the tent. 

"We are looking at a large number of children. Now, you think in terms of those children's needs, with the cuts that are going to take place, there are going to be a lot of people looking for food resources," Cole said.  

Come November, when reductions to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more commonly known as food stamps, take effect, Cole thinks that demand will grow. 

"That means that our numbers are going to go up for a longer period of time," she said. "That means instead of the 20th of month when we anticipated the large numbers, we're going to start seeing larger numbers earlier in the month."

The same can be said at food pantries like "Faith and Friends."

"It's going to be a massive impact if they're cut very much," said Edward Khoury. 

Khoury runs the pantry. He talked about their role in helping the poor and less fortunate.   

"What we do is simply add to what they're already getting," Khoury said. 

Khoury says taking something from nothing will hurt.

"There are going to be more people lining up for our services and we're going to have to be asking more and more people to realize this is an incredible opportunity for them to be generous," he said. 

The cuts are slated to take effect Nov. 1. 

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