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Lake Charles welcomes RV park with certain conditions

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With an influx of workers expected to arrive in Southwest Louisiana for the industrial construction boom, RV parks are starting to pop up all over the parish. A new RV Park will soon be built at 3403 Broad Street.

"We want to get in that area and build something that is really nice and upgrade the area," said Wayne Hicks, RV park developer.

Hicks told the Lake Charles City Council that his Bayou Oaks RV Park Resort will have 50 spaces and will cater to the construction workers expected to arrive.

"We will also have access to Interstate-210. We're probably 100 yards from 210. If they do any turnarounds at these plants - they can stay there get on 210, go to I-10 over the bridge and they are right there in five minutes," said Hicks.

While no one objects to the RV park, there are serious concerns about how long the RVs should stay parked at the park. 

"All I'm saying is that we ought to have some type of way to make sure that we can assess the RV park to make sure that it stays an RV park," said Mary Morris, Lake Charles City Council.

"I share her concern. That RV park can easily become a residential area if there is not a restriction on the length of stay," said Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach.

One idea suggested is to re-evaluate each tenant every six months, no longer than two years.

"Every six months, just to double check and keep everybody honest," said Rodney Geyen, Lake Charles City Council.

"I hate to see them play musical chairs, especially after the jobs are filled. And then your tenants gone," said Dana Carl Jackson, Lake Charles City Council.

"I think we are just making a big mess for ourselves here," said Mark Eckard, Lake Charles City Council.

Eckard said as long as the park stays up to standards, it shouldn't matter how long the RVs stay.  

"Other than that, we shouldn't care how long he rents to somebody as long as it stays movable because it's his park and it's his business. It's not our business if that person is out there six months and a day," said Eckard.

"You know, Mr. Eckard, when they had a mobile home park there, they gave us all kinds of problems," said Morris.

"If it needs to be an RV park, then we define RV and that's what goes there," said Eckard.

"And that's what we are trying to do. We're trying to define it," said Morris.

"It's what's in the park ... Not how long they can stay," said Eckard.

In the end, the Lake Charles City Council agreed the RVs cannot stay longer than six months, with the exception they are occupied by temporary workers and could be granted a six-month extension upon review. The RVs also have to remain mobile and occupied by the person who owns it.

City officials plan to draft an ordinance dealing with RV parks in the near future and submit it to the council for approval.

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