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7 On Your Side: Saving on school shopping

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If you are scrambling to find the best buys on school supplies, uniforms, shoes and such, you have plenty of company.

"My daddy won't let me wear the skinny jean pants because I'm too young," said Bayleigh Pugh, 12.

Indeed the rush to get ready for school can be stressful for students and their parents, especially those with several children.

Courtney Gonzales, a mother, understands.

"It's going okay but the kids get on your nerves when you start shopping and they're picking up everything and they want everything," Gonzales said.

Yet, it's an exciting time of new beginnings.

In one's enthusiasm to help kids get off to a great start, it's easy to go overboard. President of the Better Business Bureau, Carmen Million, said shop with a list and a budget.

"Part of planning your budget is not only school supplies but it's also taking into consideration the uniforms that you have to purchase and you want to make sure you're very specific. You want to get a good sale but you have to make sure you meet the standards or they won't let your kid or your child wear those items," Million said.

You don't want to get to the checkout and find out you've spent twice as much money as you expected. So, before you or your kids throw stuff in the basket, ask yourself these questions: Do I need it? Is it on sale? And can I live without it?

"We always fall into that impulse buying when we are purchasing things. If you look around the store there are lots of cool things that are of interest. But you really need to stick to your budget and stick to your list," she said.

She also suggests monitoring pricing and signing up for e-mail alerts at your favorite stores. Also, watch details on the supply list. Do they use college rule or wide rule? That way, you won't wind up with stuff your child cannot even use.

You can also keep an eye out for special discounts that some stores offer to students and teachers on hot items such as laptops. There are sometimes great bargains on older items when stores need to make room for new models.

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