McNeese professors start school year without raises

McNeese professors start school year without raises
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Son Mai is used to teaching college students, but now he said he's acting like one.

"When I was in college, I donated plasma and so I'm actually back to doing so," said Mai.

Mai donates plasma twice a week to bring in more income. He said no professor at McNeese has received any merit increase in four years.

"What's going on is that inflation is not catching up so everything is going up except for our income level and it is actually starting to pinch," said Mai.

Louisiana lawmakers stripped nearly $700 million in state funding from higher education in 2008.

"I believe it has to do with the budget cuts or just a lack of funding for higher education," said Mai.

With school about to start, Mai said he doesn't see a raise anytime soon. But Mai said there could be a possibility of pay increases in the future.

"I've heard the LSU system is having some raises," said Mai.

But until then, he'll continue to make ends meet.

"Of course, we're all taking other measures and making sacrifices so it helps a little bit," said Mai.

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