McNeese State University ranks third in the state for return on investment

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Though the economy has been steadily improving, the job outlook for some college graduates remains uncertain. However, there is a bright spot right here in our own back yard.

A new finding shows that McNeese State University ranks third in the state with the greatest lifetime return on investment for it's graduates.

University Dean, Nikos Kiritsis says that the school has a very solid curriculum and are able to produce a very good product which leads to a very good job upon graduation. And that is "a huge return on your investment."

In addition, another positive sign is the chemical engineering field in the Lake area. It's a field that's set for rapid expansion and McNeese State University offers a top-notch degree program in the field.

Larry DeRoussel, Executive Director of the Lake Area Industry Alliance, says

'Whether it be refining or petrochemicals which makes up the greater part of the population in this industry in this area, chemical engineering is certainly in demand and will continue to be in demand."

Kyle Leger, A recent graduate of the chemical engineering program at McNeese says The opportunities are great for new grads wanting to peruse engineering.

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