Community blood drive for Nova Hayes of Lake Charles

Community blood drive for Nova Hayes of Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A very sick Lake Charles baby needs your help to stay alive. Nine-week-old Nova Hayes was born with a severe heart defect called "tetralogy of fallot."

Nova has already had a shunt put into his heart, but his frail body is too weak to make new blood cells.

The baby boy has had 111 blood transfusions to date, as he is treated at Children's Hospital in New Orleans. Nova's mother, Sara Lindsey, says it has been an extremely difficult few months for her family and the baby. "I am staying positive because I know he's going to come out of this," she said, "I see him and a lot of other babies and they're strong."

Nova's kidney and liver are failing and he needs healthy blood almost every day to get better.  Because of the great need, a community blood drive is happening Saturday, August 3rd in Lake Charles to get blood for Nova. "People can come and donate blood and he will receive that blood," said Lindsey, "it doesn't matter what blood type you are, they take anybody's blood type and will just swap it out for his."

The blood drive for Nova Hayes is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Albertson's on Ryan Street, near K-Mart. You will see the big Lifeshare bus.

There is also an account set up at Jeff Davis Bank under the name "Nova Hayes" to help cover medical travel expenses back and forth from New Orleans. Casa Manana, where Lindsey works, is also accepting donations.

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