Acts Theatre feels impact of state budget cuts

Art Funds

The cast and crew of Acts Theatre is getting ready for its summer showcase.

But state budget cuts to the arts makes practice a bit more difficult this year.

Leigh Ward has volunteered with Acts Theatre for 10 years.

She has seen numerous budget cuts throughout the years and said funding for the arts is getting smaller and smaller.

"We want to raise money for the theatre," said Ward. "The state has made a lot of budget cuts to the arts in recent years so we've got to make it up."

Ward said the showcase will bring in needed bucks for the theatre.

"We don't do fancy costumes, we don't pay for a huge set, we do a fee for music and that's it," said Ward.

The show is called "My Favorite Things." It's an annual fundraiser, but even with limited funding, the cast and crew hope to fill the seats.

The cast said the most recent budget cuts caused them to rehearse in the director's home. The air-conditioning took time to fix with the lack of funding

"My house has a good working air conditioning," said Director Chris Webster. "It's been chaotic, but at least we're not melting here."

Ward said today it's the AC, but tomorrow it will be something else.

"There are always things to be done at the theatre," said Ward. "There's all kinds of things we need money for, on top of producing shows throughout the year."

But the cast said they'll continue to perform and work together to keep up funds.

"My favorite thing about ACTS is once you're here, you're family," said Ward.

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