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Water line extension in South Lake Charles

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Take it or leave it. Water lines will soon be added to more of South Lake Charles. But residents won't be forced to hook up to the system.

Water lines will be extended along Elliott Road to Gauthier Road.

For Elliott Road resident Elena Miller, waiting for a parish water line has been a frustrating experience and an expense.

"We have a well. This is our second well that we've had to dig since we're there. If the well goes out, you gotta have water, you gotta dig another one," Miller said.

Miller has lived off Elliott Road for about 60 years. And now with the extension of the water line, she'll finally have a reliable source of water.

"We thought it was a dream that we'd never see, so we're really excited about getting it. Be glad when we can have it," Miller said.

The same goes for Gloria Toten who is also a resident off Elliott Road.

"Oh, it's wonderful. Just wish it could have happened earlier, but this is fine. We'll take it this time," Toten said.

The water line extension project was planned for about six years. Phase one provides water for about 400 customers and phase two for an additional 300 to 400 more customers.

"Finally glad to be doing something besides just meetings," said Allen Carter, vice president of the District 12 Water Board.

Carter said phase one of the project costs about $1.2 million. Most of the money for the project came from Calcasieu Parish gaming revenues and other money came from loans from the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

"We're hoping the first residents would have water somewhere around Thanksgiving, depending on the weather," Carter said.

But for those residents who don't want to pay for the new parish water line, Calcasieu Parish Police Juror Dennis Scott said residents can opt out.

"This is basically you sign up, and if you want it you get it," Scott said.

But it's not just for running tap water.

"This project was scaled back in the distance it was going to cover just to be able to make sure that it had fire hydrants, so not only will the quality of life get better, their insurance rates should go down," Scott said.

With all the development in South Lake Charles, it's time to give the residents some water.

The groundbreaking happened on Wednesday, July 31 and work is already underway.

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