Broken A/C at federal courthouse causes some changes in court business

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The air-conditioning is out at the federal courthouse in Lake Charles. That means some changes at least this week in handling court business. Much of the work can be handled via computer.

But Judge Patricia Minaldi has made arrangements to move over to the Calcasieu Courthouse this week rather than cancel court. The air-conditioning unit is being fixed.

"We don't really have paper filing anymore, it's electronic filing. So, that helps us quite a bit but we are moving all of our court proceedings to the 14th JDC. They've been gracious enough to give us a courtroom and some space for staff to go over there, but it's sort of a logistical nightmare because we have five or six agencies that are involved -- the marshal's office, probation, staff," Minaldi said.

KPLC is told that court scheduled on July 31 and Aug. 1 will be held at the 14th Judicial District Court at 1000 Ryan Street in courtroom G or H.

For questions or an emergency, individuals can call 437-3870 or 437-3880.

Those needing to contact someone in probation can call 437-3891.

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