Louisiana Traveler - Egg Artist

Louisiana Traveler - Egg artist

Just like any other artist, Susan Begley likes to express her creativity. But instead of a palette, Susan uses eggshells. The retired teacher had never seen or heard about egg art until 2007.  That's when she noticed them in her father-in-law's china cabinet.

"I get my eggs from ranches out in California," said Begley. "There are businesses out there who buy eggs from all over from different ranches and they sell them to eggers. That's what we call ourselves when we work with the eggs."

Teaching herself along the way, Susan now has her own shop, using a dental drill and paint brushes to come up with these works of art. Susan uses all kinds and sizes of eggs in her work. From the ostrich egg, the largest, to the smallest, this is a pharaoh quail egg.

A member of the International Egg Art Guild, Susan's spiral cut rhea egg was featured in one of its magazines. But every now and then, mistakes are made and there's a crackup.

"I've gotten to the point that I accept it now. I used to be completely torn up, broken hearted over an egg messed up. But I accept that eggs will break."

Susan Begley's eggs will be on display at the Texas Artists Museum in Port Arthur in the month of August. To get in touch with Susan, call 337-564-4880 or look for her Facebook page: "Susan's Egg Nest."

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