Gator sighting draws crowd in Lake Charles

Crowd gathers at Sunday gator sighting in LC

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - An unusual alligator sighting in the water near Veterans Memorial Park drew the attention of big crowds in Lake Charles on Sunday night.

Lake Charles police responded to the alligator sighting.

Authorities tried luring the gator from under the creek bridge and catching it with a rope.

Police said the alligator was about 5-feet-long.

Keishla Hampton saw the gator while walking and called police.

"As we were walking, we saw a head sticking out so we looked down and we seen it was an alligator and I was like what? Ain't nobody got time for that; we need to call wildlife or something because it's dangerous, you know. Our kids feed the ducks and if it gets on the land, it would have been a child that was out there. I think we did the right thing by calling wildlife and they're still trying to get it," Hampton said.

At last check, the alligator was still under the bridge.

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