Downtown art shop burglarized twice

Downtown art shop burglarized twice

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Art Shop downtown was broken into twice in one week.

Owner, Charles Hinchee, said he thinks multiple people broke in. He also said he thinks it was the same people.

"They broke the window in one of the doors and climbed through so they wouldn't set the alarm off," said Hinchee.

Mostly electronics, a bike and a cash register was taken, but the actual art at the Art Shop remained untouched.

"They aren't into art," said Hinchee. "They're more into cheap electronics and cash registers."

Hinchee said since the art was left alone, it gave him a better idea of the age of the thieves.

"I'm not positive about the age, but I think they're like 14 to 16 years old," said Hinchee.

The owner said he even had a young boy come into the shop and try and get money off of the incidents.

"He was talking about whoever broke in that he knew them," said Hinchee. "He wanted to sell me my electric bike back for a reward."

Hinchee said police are investigating and fingerprints were found.

The shop owner is now taking extra steps to secure his shop.

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