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What are the chances that Tropical Storm Dorian will come to SWLA?

The 7 Stormteam continues to monitor Tropical Storm Dorian in the eastern Atlantic. The storm is far out in the Atlantic and is no immediate threat to any land mass through the upcoming weekend. Dorian is expected to continue on its west-northwest track during the next few days. The system will run into several different hurdles along the way.

So you may be asking, "What are the chances that Dorian pays SWLA a visit?"  

History would reflect a very low chance of Dorian making it into SWLA. The chances are actually pretty low that a system at its position would make it into the Gulf. The reason is due to the amount of distance the system has to cover between Africa and the U.S. Coast.

The image shows all hurricanes that have developed within 100 miles of where Dorian is this afternoon. You can see that the odds are not likely that a storm will make it this far west. The closest storm to SWLA was a hurricane in August of 1915.

Stay with the 7 Stormteam for the latest forecasts updates with Tropical Storm Dorian.

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