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I Wanna Know: Why is my water brown?

When you turn the tap you expect to see clean looking water. But that's not always what happens.

You're ready to brush your teeth in the morning and water from the faucet looks like tea or water from the tub faucet in your subdivision outside the city is brown. People want to know why. 

Rusty Reeves with Louisiana Rural Water Association explains various reasons for bad color.

"In Southwest Louisiana, a lot of the water we utilize comes from the Chicot Aquifer which has naturally occurring iron and other minerals in it and the water is treated through a process plant to remove the iron and other minerals in the drinking water and every now and then a system will have an operational issue or maybe a filter will malfunction, some discolored water get out in the system," said Reeves.

Whether it's a mom and pop grocery or a chemical plant or a city or a rest stop Reeves says they all fall under the safe drinking water act, "Which requires them to provide safe, potable drinking water to their residents. Color is one thing that is not regulated under the safe drinking water act. It's a secondary contaminant. There's no regulation saying you have to have a color unit less than this here. It's a recommendation," said Reeves.

So if your water is brown, first he suggests running faucets for fifteen minutes or so. If that doesn't do it contact your water provider. "Seek guidance from them. A lot of the time they may need to come out and flush the line in your area and clear the water situation up. If you have no luck calling the office each water system in the area is either governed by a municipality or a water district board of directors whether it be a police jury appointed board of directors or a non profit water system where the board members are elected by the local people. These people are on there to ensure the proper operation of the system and contact them and express your concerns," said Reeves.

As a last resort he suggests calling the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

For more information on clean drinking water, click here.

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