Mistrial declared in Wilkins case

A mistrial has been declared in the second trial of Robert Wilkins. It happened just as it seemed jury selection was about to wrap up. Judge Kent Savoie granted the mistrial.

Wilkins is the man convicted in 2011 of murdering Tony Fontenot who was stabbed to death at a Carlyss boat launch in 2004.

But then an appeal court said he should get a new trial.

The reason for Thursday's mistrial has to do with technical legal issues. It was requested by the defense.

Prosecutor Rick Bryant said it's better to have a mistrial than to have an appeal court send the case back again for a new trial.

"We all want a clean trial. He doesn't want to try it again. It's unfortunate for the family because this incident happened in 2004, so it's nine years old. It needs to be resolved. We were all in there trying to get it resolved, but you have to do the right thing. The defendant spoke up and said he agreed with it so," said Bryant.

Bryant expects Wilkins to be tried in the fall.

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