Jennings man says pets were poisoned, authorities investigating

Man claims pets were poisoned

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Authorities in Jennings are investigating the death of a dog after the owner says it was poisoned. And it's not the first time it's happened.

"This is the last hole I'm going to dig. I'm not digging anymore holes."

An empty kennel is all that's left after a dog that meant so much to Eddie O'Conner was killed.

"I met Rocky and that was the only thing I can remember my dad by," he said.

O'Connor came home Monday morning to his 7-year-old ailing Rottweiler at his doorstep.

"He wouldn't move. He was about 20 pounds heavier and full of energy when I left and when I came back he was about as dead as a doorknob," he said.

A veterinarian later determined the dog had been poisoned.

"He said it was definitely poisoned but by what he does not know because he doesn't have the right stuff to do it," O'Connor said.

Rocky's not the first to die suspiciously. O'Connor said five of his dogs and two of his horses were killed. He said he has had enough.

"Why does it take me reaching out to the news to finally do something about it? What kind of police force do we have here?," O'Connor said.

Jennings Police Deputy Chief Danny Semmes said investigators have questioned one person who denies involvement in the killings.

Semmes said they have another suspect in mind, but so far no arrests.

And that's not enough for O'Connor yet.

"I want justice … definitely," he said.

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