Acadian On Call warns public of medical alert scam

(Source: Acadian Companies)
(Source: Acadian Companies)

Acadian On Call, a division of Acadian Ambulance, along with the Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA), are warning residents about a widespread scam affecting residents in Louisiana and around the country.

Officials, in a news release, said "illegal" and "fraudulent" telemarketing call centers are using recorded messages, commonly referred to as "robo-calling," to target millions of citizens in the U.S. by offering medical alert buttons.

"The scam, orchestrated by a company called 'Life Watch,' uses call centers to make automated phone calls. The call begins with a congratulatory automated message that the senior medical advisory group is providing this equipment at no charge. It then instructs the consumer to press one to confirm their address and pay for shipping. A reoccurring monthly charge is then placed onto your credit card bill, which is twice the amount of the average medical alert system charge," the release states.

Officials said Acadian On Call is not associated with the phone calls.

President of Acadian Monitoring Services Blane Comeaux said, "Acadian On Call is an accredited agency. We are not associated with 'Life Watch' and do not agree with these practices. We are not telemarketers and do not make soliciting phone calls. The purchase of equipment is a decision made between members of a family seeking assistance for a loved one. When a person places an order and all family members are in agreement, only then will we ask for personal information."

Officials say if you receive a call, ask for the name and address of the company.

If they do not provide that information to you, officials say the best mode of action is to hang up.

For more information about this scam, please contact MAMA at or call 1-866-388-8618.

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